Friday, August 3, 2007

In Jinan

We started off our day with what we considered a "Down Home" breakfast...if you are from Alabama. Boiled peanuts, watermelon...and rice. We are waiting for the rest of the crew (IE: students) to rise and our hotel is a nice place, but we are in the middle of an industrial park, not unlike airport hotels in the U.S. Outside my window are Pepsi and Suzuki plants, as workers are starting to stream in. Traffic is picking up and the work day is about to begin.

Sounds like a warning written by Bartles & James.

I'm sorry the last photo is so bad, but a airport security guard was yelling at me as I brought up the camera. Perhaps there is a law against bad English. It reads: For staff/VIP/First class pax/the old, weak & pregnant

We did NOT use that gate.

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Heidi Troseth said...

Hey Robbie,
Its your long lost MN buddy, Heidi. It sounds like you are having a blast and I look forward to your daily updates! Also, love all your pictures.

Be safe!