Saturday, July 28, 2007


After a few days of eating typical Chinese food, the group heads out tonight to venture in Beijing and enjoy a fine meal at the local Pizza Hut. Our meals have been wonderful (and lots of birthday cakes too, as it seems several birthdays in the group) and served up exactly as you would expect Americanized-Chinese food to be. Sweet and Sour chicken, steamed veggies, plenty of white rice… Nothing scary at all (except perhaps the duck soup the night before, with some hard-to-identify parts floating in the bowl).

I’m so very tall

Yes, at six-feet I tower over many of the locals. Franci would be considered tall here too, I guess. But after reaching for very low handrails during the Great Wall hike and having my shower cover the lower 2/3s of my body (and I should never complain about too much water pressure in a shower, but getting a dermabrasion treatment is a bit much in the morning), I am beginning to think I am a bit large for this place. Of course, you should see the gymnastics of maneuvering around the tiny hotel room with an even taller roommate. It is a bit comforting to know you are always about 12 inches from a wall at any given time though.

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