Thursday, July 26, 2007

Somewhere over the Pacific

At the halfway mark of this flight, finished off a few movies (In the Land of Women – very nice film and the lead character is named Carter; Blades of Glory – what did you expect… a few good moments; The Astronaut Farmer – fell asleep in the middle, but cute ending) a bunch of TV (a great episode of The Office, with an appearance of Baylor’s own Angela Kinsey – my new pal!), some tunes, a meal (lemon chicken and rice with the coolest soy server ever!!! Bringing one back!) a snack (noodle soup, apple slices, “plane” rice crackers and a sandwich) and eating all with chopsticks. Riding aboard a NEW Air Canada 777 with plenty of room (and need it after eating all this stuff).

Decided to tough it out and avoid extended sleeping until we hit China, as we arrive around midnight, after a total of around 18 hours of flight time. Thanks to another Angela (Dennison) for use of her inflatable neck pillow, as it works great, but looks a bit like one of those post-surgery dog cones after getting their ears docked. Next movie – Firehouse Dog. Time to put my collar back on.

Another meal (lasagna) another nap and another movie (Meet the Robinsons) and realized I have yet to see the sun set. Since dawn in Dallas we’ve been in daylight the past 20 hours. Looking forward to night and our arrival.

My love to Franci and Carter and all that might join my journey of the world through words and photos…

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maynard2617 said...

Glad to hear you ate well, Robbie. (Feels like I'm talking to my grandmother). Hope by now you are having a major snooze complete with sweet dreams and dancing sugar plums. We're excited for you and look forward to sharing your adventure thru the blog site.
Lots of love from THAT Grymes family on Crestfield. xoxoxoxoxoxo