Friday, July 27, 2007

Duck, Duck, Duck…

More than 200 million ducks have been converted into Peking Duck here since the advent of the dish, according to Tony our guide. We added three more to the list, during our dinner. The bird is roasted then thin slices are cut tableside. With a “pancake” (that looks a whole lot like a tortilla to us Texans), some cucumber spears, shoots and duck sauce, they are wrapped together to form a tiny duck burrito of sorts. It tasted great and is a culinary highlight to a trip here. We of course added rice, or fish (served fried, but whole including head and tail, and several in the group have been eating the fish eyes on dares…) to give it our local flair and make the locals cringe. Dinner is served at round tables with a serving put into the center on a turntable. The meals include one cold drink (beer…we politely say no for the group, Coke or Sprite), all the tea you can drink and a single napkin, so many novices with chopsticks are leaving the table a bit messy.

Breakfast included what appeared to be poached milk, orange juice (more like Tang) and a variety of rice, noodle and veggie dishes. I did find a doughnut, but just missing a sugar glaze and it was shaped long, not so …ummmmm, doughnut-shaped.

Another adventure awaits at the Great Wall. The locals hit the wall early, so we are headed over a bit later, but still in the morning. An early morning thunderstorm has washed off the city. But still a little overcast from the rain/smog. My room is filled with smoke as the adapter/power situation here caused a bit of a problem here for us. Plugging in too many things!

Off for more walking…


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