Friday, July 27, 2007

Tour photos

Here are photos of today’s trip to Tiananmen Square, which the tour guide won’t speak of, for fear of the government. He insists things are getting better, though.

Many slept through the opera, which was a series of acts in painted face and “kung foo action.” Perhaps it was the three ducks we ate before the show?

The locals seem to like having us as visitors. They ask to have photos taken together and even jump into our shots too, like in the Forbidden City, where we did a group shot and one guy ran into the front to do a Sic 'em Bears! The locals love my blue hat and I was asked to pose with a man in the square for a photo.

Lots of street vendors, beggars, tourists (local and not-so-local) fill the city. The students love talking down the prices, like 10 watches for a dollar. One said the watch was 7 hours slow after the first day. Seems like a bargain.

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Christian Living at FUMC-Waco said...

Keep it up, Robbie! The pictures and your comments are great. Tell Ben that I said hello!