Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good morning from Shanghai!

This might have do for tonight's blog entry as I went to bed after midnight working on photos, then awoke a bit after 5 to a very strange sight to me ... the sun, as I have yet to see it during my visit here in China. The smog/smoke/haze makes spotting the sun a rare treat and you have to imagine what the towering white skyscrapers MIGHT look like against a blue sky. But not many blue skies here, and we told that during the process of the site visits by the Olympic committee, the government would shut down factories to clear the air before their arrival. But here's a photo of our morning as we get a glimpse at Monday a bit earlier than you. And for all the students who are sleeping in today ... here's what a sunrise looks like. Out my window, a solitary figure begins the day with some Tai Chi, and music from a nearby stadium drifts over the city while a group of athletes jog around the soccer field.

After a long weekend of touring, it is back to the classroom for the students. I promise to write about our tour of the Summer Palace and the adventures of shopping at Silk Street. Plus if anyone has questions about the group (yes, he did walk the Great Wall barefoot…) just let me know through the blog, as Franci has been passing along your comments. For some reason I have been unable to access the site myself now, so my loving wife has been working hard at posting stories and photos. My thanks to my love.

Just one last thought – on the ride to the hotel last night after a long day, the conversation in the back of the bus turns nostalgic for things at home, like Taco Bell, family and home (we have noted that the day we are melancholy about missing Waco water is the time to return). While the group is enjoying the adventure, we often turn our thoughts back home. Me? I’m have about a dozen students looking for a Chinese Port-A-Potty for me to photograph for Carter! Every once and awhile you’ll hear someone yell out “There’s one!” and we aren’t talking about any sort of historical site of China.

Good Night Baylor and Good Morning Shanghai.

I hope you all get to enjoy our sun in a few hours. Until then, sweet dreams.


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